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  • Little red ridding hood
  • San Valentín
  • The Ghost Train owner
  • Pocho, el dragón multicolor
  • No Yorker Serie
  • Machine testing
  • Mister Dimitri
  • Mister Dimitri at work
  • A queen without a castle
  • Un bosque
  • El león y el emisario
  • Domingo en el barrio de Once
  • January droplets
  • Coming back
  • Christmas Postcard 2011
  • Afternoon in the neighborhood
  • Soviet Christmas
  • The soviet agent in a winter scene
  • Young dead runs along the soviet agent
  • Floop Bongo Bop
  • El Sastrecillo Valiente (Portada)
  • El sastrecillo valiente
  • El sastrecillo valiente
  • We're modern people ... don't get confused!
  • Transmission
  • Smiling under the rain
  • Bing bong
  • Barcos en la niebla
  • Raw winter
  • The black monster & the swimmers
  • Bag of secrets
  • Trueque
  • A night at the burlesque
  • Lectura a escondidas
  • Pedro Melenas
  • Rasquitas
  • Tres ojos
  • Arturo Canguro
  • Doña sandía
  • Red demon in plumsland
  • Prince of e-mails
  • Pere et fils
  • The Bremen Town Musicians
  • Cousin angus
  • Night travelers
  • Dorian Gray
  • El coloso Tom
  • The boss

Now you’ve seen it.

That’s some of my work. Most of that was done at my home in Patagonia Argentina.

People have been asking about my inspiration. What’s my muse?

First is a friend who recently got pregnant and started blogging about her pregnancy. She’s been telling me all about her body’s changes as she goes along in her pregnancy. I don’t know, but for some reason hearing how humans have been developing for thousands of years puts it all into perspective. Pregnancy and prenatal care also lends a different perspective on simple stuff. I helped her with choosing a prenatal for optimal dha epa intake during pregnancy which is totally different from raising a baby a thousand years ago. Living today is just crazy to me. We’re all upright apes, but with cars and science and dietary supplements and Starbucks Venti Frappu-Whatevers. Seriously, what the heck is a prenatal dha anyways?

So when I’m building out a character, it doesn’t seem so difficult any more. After all, what’s “normal” in the world is for 2-cells to join and then several months later a fully grown human pops out. Seeing stuff from the outside like this just inspires me. I think we could all use a sense of wonder.

Another inspiration is “El Coloso Tom” and his therapeutic socks (really just compression socks). I got into this character after watching some YouTube videos of strongmen and then seeing comics of old french weight lifters. Then there’s all the rest of them. Oh man I have no idea where these other comics come from. Sometimes they come from dreams. Really points to the importance of sleep. Sometimes the muse just brings them to me.

But enough babbling. Look around the site and enjoy my hard work. Or, if you’ve got a book or magazine, hire me to help build a character for you.