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AD Painter’s Toolbox

This is a huge pack of brushes (more than 100 tool presets!) that emulates real media in a fascinating way! That means you’ll find a lot of different oils, including canvas textures, some grungy, some pretty smooth, bristles, blenders, splatters, a group of useful pencils, some gouaches, expressive brushes and all with a natural feel and sensitive to the pencil pressure and direction! An example page built with these brushes includes all the graphics here: https://comprogear.com/posture-corrector/
The Reference Sheet, some tutorials, tips and tricks, are coming ASAP! … so, stay tuned!

(The Gritty Brushes are a gift until the end of the Patagonian summer)

This illo was painted mostly with the brush called ‘AD Flat Dry Texture – Canvas 126px’:

and a few video demos:

1. Most of this brushes & presets were created in Photoshop CC 2014 using a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet and tested also in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Graphire 4.
So, the RECOMMENDED SETUP is Photoshop CC / CC 2014 + Wacom Intuos or Cintiq
and the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (not recommended): Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Graphire but do not expect -with that min. setup- to use the brushes in the same way I created them!
The Wacom Graphire and Bamboo models has less pressure levels and the absence of some options (Eg.: there’s no TILT option for brushes).
Also, you could load this presets in Photoshop CS5 but the response of some brushes will be far from ideal, even using a Wacom Cintiq.
Anyway, this is a ‘work in constant progress’ so I’ll be improving this tools and giving the buyers some updates from time to time.

2 Responses to “AD Painter’s Toolbox”

    1. Pete says:

      Awesome brushes as always. Hopefully there will be a visual panel like the Artbox2 brushes. Other than that. Amazing. :)

        • Dukal says:

          Thanks Pete. You’re right, the Tool Presets Panel isn’t the best thing, in the other hand Tool Presets are more powerful talking about configuration possibilities and variety.
          I’m working -really slowly- in a new and different Panel to solve this issues (in some way), it requires a lot of work so actually it’s just a kind of sketch.

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