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AD Artbox 2 lite (for PS CC 2014)

AD Artbox 2 lite is the reduced and Free version of AD Artbox 2, a Photoshop CC and CC 2014 Panel with more than sixty high quality tools for illustrators.
Designed for everyday work, Intuitive and easy to use!

While I produce a new video demo you could watch this old 30 min. video demo to help you having an approximate idea about how AD Artbox 2 works (accelerated version here: 30 min. in 2 min.):

Help and User Manual:
The download includes a .ZIP file (approx. 22 Mb.) containing:
– the panel ad.artbox2lite.zxp
– a TXT file with installation instructions & license info
– plus the needed patterns and tool presets
This Panel was developed and tested with Adobe Photoshop® CC 2014 64 bits
Using Windows 7 with a Pc Intel Core I7 3770 @ 3.40Ghz + 8gb RAM
+ NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 and using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet
also in a Mac Book Pro with OS X Mountain Lion versión 10.8
with 4 and 16 GB RAM.
NOTE: AD Artbox 2 and AD Artbox 2 lite have been intensively tested,
but are distributed without any warranty, just the willingness to help whenever its possible and necessary. There are no refunds.
I highly recommend to TRY AD Artbox 2 lite before purchase the AD Artbox 2 full version.
Updated 25/09/2014 12:10 AM

3 Responses to “AD Artbox 2 lite (for PS CC 2014)

  1. Maxime Lacasse says:


    I just tried the new artbox lite 2 for cc 2014 with a Macbook pro. It is great!

    I noticed two minor bugs that you might not be aware of.

    When clicking on a tool in the AD artbox lite panel, if the wrong tool is selected in the tool panel it creates an error message. It doesn’t select the tool automatically.

    For exemple, if I have the Move tool active and I click on a brush in the AD panel, an error message pops-up. I could send you screen captures if you’d like.

    Also, when a tool in the AD artbox panel is active, the keyboard is deactivated so I cannot use any shortcuts.

    I am sending this to you because I think you have a wonderful product. Keep working on this stuff, they are the best brushes I’ve seen at this time. Have a great day,

    Maxime Lacasse

    • Maxime Lacasse says:

      Nevermind, I read your notice on AD Artbox Help. Tool preset option was ticked. Works perfectly!

      Good day,


    • Dukal says:

      Hi Max,

      thanks for the feedback.
      Both issues are already listed in the Help / Manual page (http://circografico.com.ar/shop/ad-artbox-help/)
      For the first one:

      ERROR: The command “Select” is not currently available”
      Usually this happens when we have activated the option “Current tool only” in the bottom of the Tool Presets window (Window > Tool Presets)

      And about the Keyboard loosing focus, that’s a known bug with the last versions of Photoshop, not an issue with the panel itself, unfortunately we must to wait for a fix coming from Adobe.
      I’ll be updating the panel once it’s solved, for sure!
      Regards, Alex.

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