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AD Aquarellist Brushes

These are the amazing Watercolour Brushes for Photoshop that I’ve created a few years ago and never published… until today, dec. 12, 2014!
Improved and expanded! This pack actually includes more than 100 Brushes / Tool Presets that realistically emulates Watercolours and Ink Washings without the need of weird and complicated tricks, just paint using the pen pressure and direction combining different brushes to obtain that natural wet effects!
I know the first impression, besides blow your mind, could be overwhelming due to the number and variety of this high quality brushes, so… take your time to practice and find which ones are your favorites, combine them, experiment, etc.

You can see a finished web page using these brushes for the graphics work at https://smashgoods.com/pull-up-bar/
I’ll be publishing some tutorials, tips and tricks, so stay tuned!
Here you have some examples using ONLY The Aquarellist Brushes:

1. Most of this brushes & presets were created in Photoshop CC 2014 using a Wacom Intuos 4 Tablet and tested also in Photoshop CS6 with a Wacom Graphire 4.
So, the RECOMMENDED SETUP is Photoshop CC / CC 2014 + Wacom Intuos or Cintiq
and the MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS (not recommended): Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Graphire but do not expect -with that min. setup- to use the brushes in the same way I created them!
The Wacom Graphire and Bamboo models has less pressure levels and the absence of some options (Eg.: there’s no TILT option for brushes).
Also, you could load this presets in Photoshop CS5 but the response of some brushes will be far from ideal, even using a Wacom Cintiq.
Anyway, this is a ‘work in constant progress’ so I’ll be improving this tools and giving the buyers some updates from time to time.

Please, take a few minutes and watch this videos that includes a live preview of the included brushes. I’ll be also publishing the reference sheet ASAP.


The first quick test using all the included brushes (or almost…):

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    1. mario says:

      maestro! tus consejos son de mucha ayuda parta quienes empezamos en esto. gracias!

        • Mario Garcia says:

          Alex i’m very impress with your approach to illustration and your artistic talent. You’re, indeed an amazing illustrator.

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